Student Executive Body

The school cabinet is an integral part of the school and comprises of a well-knit team of 30 students from class XI and 4 students from class V, chosen by the Principal and teachers. Each year, in the month of May, the cabinet is sworn-in in an elaborate investiture ceremony. Each cabinet's term lasts for a year, after which the next team takes over.

The cabinet is responsible for the maintenance of discipline in the school. It also shoulders the responsibility of organizing all cultural programmes and competitions held in the school. Being the student representative, the cabinet acts as an important link between the students and the school management.

The cabinet consists of the School Head Boy and Vice-Head Boy, School Head Girl & Vice Head Girl, School Junior Head Boy & Vice-Head Boy,School Junior Head Girl & Vice-Head Girl, Hostel Head boy & Vice Hostel Head boy, Hostel Head girl & Vice Hostel Head girl, School Social Responsibily (SSR) Head, Literary President, Digital Cell Head, Cultural President, Sport Capt Boys, Sport Capt Girls, House Capts, Global Interface Executivies and seven Prefects who head the three School Houses- Ganga House, Yamuna House & Ravi House

School Head Boy

Adhyan Dhull

School Vice-Head Boy

Jagrit Jain

School Head Girl

Meera Sharma

School Vice-Head Girl

Sejal Oberoi

School Head Boy(Junior)

Arsh Khan

Vice-Head Boy(Junior)

Mitansh Bedi

School Head Girl(Junior)

Ayandri Mitra

Vice-Head Girl(Junior)

Mitansh Bedi

Hostel Head Boy

Anubhav Sigdel

Vice Hostel Head Boy

Siddhant Agrawal

Hostel Head Girl


Vice Hostel Head Girl


School Social Resposibility Head


Kabir Khandelwal & Atishi Jain

Digital Cell Head


Lavya Jaitly & Sagar Khatri

Cultural President


Natasha & Divyansh

Literary President Print & Electronic

Shrey Jain

Global Interface Executive


Adishree Telem & Deekshya

Sport Capt. Boy


Sport Capt. Girl


Capt. Ganga House

Tushar Chauhan

Capt. Yamuna House

Param Khurana

Capt. Ravi House

Dhruv Vohra


Divyanshu Singh

Mandeep Sehrawat

Vanshika Bhandari

Anuttar Jain

Ishita Mathur


Vanshika Bhardwaj

Pratyaksha Pandey

Manav Aggarwal

Anubha Chauhan

Executive Body Controller

Mr. Rajesh Sharma

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