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Delhi Public School Sonepat

Trips and Excursions

Field trips are considered to be an important part of the academic program and all children are expected to participate. Usually these trips take place within the course of a school day but occasionally there are longer trips for students as extended educational excursion trips as part of their program. The objective of the co-curricular program is to provide opportunities for students to gain a wider education than that provided in the classroom. We encourage students to complement their academic studies with co-curricular studies in recognition of the fact that such broadening of school experiences will be of great value while pursuing a subsequent vocation. The objective affirms the value of physical fitness and dexterity and the importance of participation and appreciation of the performing and sensory arts.

There will be several clubs for students to take part in. They will include:

  • ESSA Club
  • Art and Painting
  • Cookery
  • Cooking without fire
  • Creative Writing For E-Magazine
  • Cybernetics Club
  • Photography Club
  • Animation Club
  • Science Club
  • Archary Club
  • Western Music